from the
Angie Bergen Collection
These are especially wonderful postcards showing the fun-loving side of our ancestors.  If you look closely, you'll see that the men and women in the postcards are actually the same three people!
Angie Bergen was a longtime resident of Seaforth, Minnesota, the same small town Arnold Kramer raised his family near.  She was the proprietor of Angie's Cafe, and a colorful and savvy business woman, providing ice cream and soft drinks for the women and children, and beer and pool  tables for the men. 

Though the restaurant was torn down years ago, a city park remains in her honor on the Main street of Seaforth, Minnesota.

150 to 200 postcards have been kept in Angie's orginal album and the messages on the back give us an idea of life at the turn of the century when Angie was a very young woman.  To see more of the collection go to this link.
This collection is FOR SALE in the original album. Email    if interested.